[PDF] CS8581 Networks Laboratory 2017 Regulation Syllabus and Lab Manuals for Anna University Students

Last updated on Sep 5, 2023
Networks Laboratory
  • Learn to use commands like tcpdump, netstat, ifconfig, nslookup and traceroute. Captureping and traceroute PDUs using a network protocol analyzer and examine.
  • Write a HTTP web client program to download a web page using TCP sockets
  • Applications using TCP sockets like:
    1. Echo client and echo server
    2. Chat
    3. File Transfer
  • Simulation of DNS using UDP sockets.
  • Write a code simulating ARP /RARP protocols.
  • Study of Network simulator (NS) and Simulation of Congestion Control Algorithms usingNS.
  • Study of TCP/UDP performance using Simulation tool.
  • Simulation of Distance Vector/ Link State Routing algorithm.
  • Performance evaluation of Routing protocols using Simulation tool.
  • Simulation of error correction code (like CRC).
Study Materials

Lab Manuals

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