[PDF] IT8711 FOSS and Cloud Computing Laboratory 2017 Regulation Syllabus and Lab Manuals for Anna University Students

Last updated on Sep 3, 2023
FOSS and Cloud Computing Laboratory
  • Use gcc to compile c-programs. Split the programs to different modules and create anapplication using make command.
  • Use version control systems command to clone, commit, push, fetch, pull, checkout, reset, anddelete repositories.
  • Install Virtualbox/VMware Workstation with different flavours of linux or windows OS on top ofwindows7 or 8.
  • Install a C compiler in the virtual machine created using virtual box and execute SimplePrograms
  • Install Google App Engine. Create hello world app and other simple web applications usingpython/java.
  • Use GAE launcher to launch the web applications.
  • Simulate a cloud scenario using CloudSim and run a scheduling algorithm that is not presentin CloudSim.
  • Find a procedure to transfer the files from one virtual machine to another virtual machine
  • Find a procedure to launch virtual machine using trystack (Online Openstack Demo Version)
  • Install Hadoop single node cluster and run simple applications like wordcount.
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