[PDF] IT8761 Security Laboratory 2017 Regulation Syllabus and Lab Manuals for Anna University Students

Last updated on Sep 4, 2023
Security Laboratory
  • Perform encryption, decryption using the following substitution techniques
    1. Ceaser cipher,
    2. Playfair cipher
    3. Hill Cipher
    4. Vigenere cipher
  • Perform encryption and decryption using following transposition techniques
    1. Rail fence
    2. Row & Column Transformation
  • Apply DES algorithm for practical applications.
  • Apply AES algorithm for practical applications.
  • Implement RSA Algorithm using HTML and JavaScript
  • Implement the Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange algorithm for a given problem
  • Calculate the message digest of a text using the SHA-1 algorithm.
  • Implement the SIGNATURE SCHEME - Digital Signature Standard
  • Demonstrate intrusion detection system (ids) using any tool eg. Snort or any other s/w
  • Automated Attack and Penetration Tools Exploring N-Stalker, a Vulnerability Assessment Tool
Study Materials

Lab Manuals

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